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Chef Lingo


Chef Lingo Quichocho was raised in the beautiful southern village of Santa Rita. After high school, Lingo received his certification in Culinary Arts from National Culinary and Baking School in San Diego, California. He developed a strong passion and love for the kitchen in over a span of 12 years cooked and managed several high profile kitchens, from San Diego to Massachusetts. He also worked as a sous chef and as part of the corporate training team under world renowned chef Roy Yamaguchi.

Looking to hone his skills and elevate his knowledge, Lingo took a lead position at Kitchen 1540 where he developed a refined palette and a deeper understanding in working with the best local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients available in California.

In 2013, he returned home to share his skill set and passion with his island’s people. At Kitchen Lingo, Chef Lingo blends his stateside kitchen experience with his love for all things home, and creates an unparalleled dining experience for Guam.

Chef Lingo owns and operates Kitchen Lingo, along with Lenny and Pika Fejeran.

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